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At NkKai Properties, we are in the People Business.


We serve our clients from the center of our hearts.  At NkKai, real estate is not an adversarial industry.  It is the art of helping People utilize the vehicle of real estate to build wealth and leverage this resource for the advancement of their families and communities. We are client-centric. We bring excellence to the People, and in this way, make an ethical contribution to the world. We connect, communicate, and collaborate to fulfill the goals of our clients and illuminate what it means to do good and do well.

"Gjenaii Is both thorough and professional while making the process of selling a home an enjoyable experience. I've bought and sold a few houses over the years yet Gjenaii, with her expertise, was able to save me time and money by suggesting the essential improvements to prepare my house for the sale. She also brings a great team to the table that was also a pleasure to work with. At every stage of the process, she was on it! I was incredibly pleased with the outcome of the sale. Thanks Gjenaii!!"

Anthony Berry-Smith

"As executor of a parental trust, I was tasked with the sale of a family home. At our initial meeting Ms. Gjenaii Enciso Givhan impressed me with her professional presentation and won the confidence of the trust’s  heirs. Her knowledge of the current market saved time and money by identifying only necessary repairs and improvements and brought the house to market in short order by referring me to qualified skilled workers with a timely response. Gjenaii deftly and expediently navigated the negotiation process resulting in my complete satisfaction at the close of the sale. I recommend Gjenaii without reservation. "

Stefan Paul Rauch